How to Find a Replacement Charger/Adapter
To Better Know The Power Supply Of Your Devices. Phone chargers, Laptop chargers, Camera chargers, etc.
Help People to know how to select the best power supply for their devices, such as, how to choose a phone charger, laptop charger, and watch charger. what is a quick charge or fast chargers? What should people follow when they need a power adapter.
By Huwder | 20 December 2019 | 0 Comments

How to Find a Replacement Charger/Adapter

Nowadays, whether it is home or office, a large number of electrical devices, such as smartphones, tablets, power banks, smart watches, electric toothbrushes, table lamps, and mobile entertainment products are charged by using USB interfaces. Various chargers affect the cleanliness of the room and are annoying.

So recently, many people have bought a multi-port USB charger. Because it can solve the charging problems of various devices at the same time and can solve the problem that the chargers cannot be found at some time.

However, it also faces many problems such as charging speed, high temperature, and safety. We will summarize some tips to you for purchasing a multi-port USB charger.
  • 1. Select the wide-range input voltage: 100 ~ 240v / 50 ~ 60Hz. If the input voltage does not match, it will burn the charger or mobile phone when you use it.
  • 2. Check the maximum output power of the charger when purchasing. The core parameter of the multi-port USB charger is the maximum output power it can support. The product will print what the "maximum total output" is. Such as 5V / 2A, 5V / 4A, 9V / 2A, etc., which we can calculate the maximum output power of the product: (5V × 2A) 10W, (5V × 3A) 15W or (9V × 3A) 27W.
  • 3. Choice of style. There are currently two types of chargers on the market, one is a multi-port "Plug-in" USB wall charger, and the other is a multi-port desktop charger.

"Plug-in" USB wall charger: This product generally comes with ac plug, which can be directly plugged into the AC jack of the wall or terminal board.
The advantage is portability, the disadvantage is that the AC jack on the wall may not be firmly inserted (the charger is large).

"Wired" multi-port USB desktop charger: Flat design, with independent ac cables and main body, and then connected to the AC jack of the wall or terminal board.
The advantage is that the plug is separated from the main body, which is more convenient to fix, and the main body can also be transferred from the wall to the desktop or more places. The disadvantage is its own cable, which affects carrying.

HUNDA's multi-port USB charger is the product on the market that supports wide-range input voltage and high-current fast charging. In addition to supporting super-fast charging (5-20V/3A), it is also compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge3.0, Power Delivery3. 0, which can charge phone and laptop in this one charger, its compatibility is good.


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