The Best USB-C PD Adapters 2020
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The Best USB-C PD Adapters 2020

Today, almost everything in your bag comes with a rechargeable battery-mobile phones, tablets, wireless headphones and laptops. However, even if you carry four or more electronic devices with you, you do not need to bring chargers and adapters for each device. Because you can charge almost everything with a multi-port charger now, including newer laptops, with a charging technology that works for all devices: USB-C Power Delivery, or USB-C PD.
Here are some chargers that can charge multiple devices at the same time. They all have multiple output ports, which can charge multiple devices at the same time, can save a lot of times in daily life.
If you are looking for the best USB C charger, read on to find out which of the models below will work best for you.


Best do-it-all USB charger
96W 5 Ports USB PD Quick Charger- The perfect solution to power up multiple devices.
In my opinion, this charger is the best deserve to buy. It has 2 USB-C PD ports and 3 USB-A QC3.0 ports, new and old-fashion combine. So it can charge any device from android and ios smartphones to a wireless headphone to a full-on laptop, and most everything in between, including the iPad, Kindle and Nin tendo Switch. It’s great for traveling, palm-size, light weight and 100V-240V for use around the world. The best places use it are on home and offices. Get two - one to live permanently at home, the other to stay in office! 

This charged an iPhone 11 to 55% in about 30 minutes. 

The first USB-C port is 60W PD output, which can charge your USB-C laptop.
The second USB-C port is 18W PD output, which can charge your iPhone, iPad, and tablet.
The USB-A Port support QC3.0 Quick Charge technology, 
All ports will intelligently detects your device and delivers the optimal current.

Compatible all usb-a and usb-c devices!

Learn more on here:

Powerful PPS QC4+ QC3.0 USB Wall Charger
48W Type-C PD3.0 Wall Charger- Support PPS PD3.0, QC4+ and QC3.0 technology.

This charger has 2 USB-C ports, which support PPS PD3.0 and QC4+ technology- charge your devices faster. The 2 USB-A ports support QC3.0 technology- charge your phone faster than your stock charger. It enable you to charger up to 4 USB devices simultaneously at fast speed.

This charger has a broad voltage input range(100V-240V), perfect when traveling internatonally and a compact design to easily store in your luggage or carry-on.

Learn more on here:

In conclusion, above two chargers are deserved to buy. The different between them is the 5 Ports charger can up to 60W which compatible charge mostly USB-C laptops.


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