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Agent of HUWDER

To be an agent of HUWDER

As a leading power adapter manufacturer, HUWDER does not only supply OEM and ODM services for famous brands but also has our own brands HUWDER. In order to expand our business, HUWDER invites you to be an agent of HUWDER sincerely. The HUWDER brand only authorizes Shops, wholesalers, or import companies.

What can HUWDER do for agents?

1. Brand authorized
When you are an agent of HUWDER. A brand licensing contract will be signed to your company to protect your profit.
2. Agent profit protect
Except for our company, the HUWDER brand products will not be allowed to sell online.
3. Seller Area protection
According to the power of your company and the population in your location. Each agent enjoys an exclusive agency of rights in a certain area.
4. MOQ and New products
HUWDER releases 3-5 new products every month on average. The agent of HUWDER enjoys the priority of new products and will get the files of new products at the first time. MOQ: There is no MOQ demand for our agents. All products are supplied at special prices of agents. But there is a demand for sales. The sales should be increasing or over a certain amount. For example, the sales are increasing every month from 100 to 150… or you are a power distribution in your location. You can sell an amount of over 50000usd every year at least or more.
5. Shipping Services
As an agent of HUWDER, you enjoy a “gate to gate” shipping service, you needn’t be a specialist on customs, we will deal with them for you. What you need to do is to sell and promote your business.

How to be an agent of HUWDER

1. You need to have a shop or company so that we can authorize you the brand.
2. An Agent must have a certain sales ability. For example, in the first month, you sell 100pcs and the second month 150 or 120 pcs. That's a great signal for both of us. HUWDER has been committed to protecting the profit of agents. If you would like to be an agent of HUWDER, please contact us directly, we will talk bout the details with you and make appropriate agent terms for your company.