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1. Why haven’t I received any emails from you?

Please check your spam folder or inbox. It happens that sometimes our email is mismarked as spam and blocked by users’ email filter systems. We suggest you add our email address to your contact list or address book to avoid missing Email messages from us.

2. Must I register to order from you?

It's recommended but you don't have to. huwder.com supports guest checkout. Registering with huwder.com, however, allows us to provide you with better support and the whole registering process should take no more than 1 minute.
Register Here

3. What payment methods do you accept?

PayPal, Credit Cards via AsiaBill, T/T (Bank Transfer/Wire Transfer). Please send the payment details via email after payment, so we can confirm it and prepare your order in advance.

4. How do I track my orders?

Two ways once your goods are sent:
1) Check our automatic email notification(please use the correct email to place the orders); or
2) Sign in to your account and view the tracking code.

5. How soon will you ship my order after I've made my payment?

Normally in 2-3 business days. The shipping time of customized products may be longer depending on the order amount and production techniques.

6. It’s been so many days! Where's my order?

Sorry for the trouble. Delivery can be affected by weather, customs, policy change and others. If you believe you’ve been waiting for too long, please contact us or your sales representative.
Delivery time for different shipping methods:
Shipping Methods Delivery Time
YunExpress About 5-20 Business Days
UPS About 5-10 Business Days
DHL About 5-10 Business Days
EMS EMS About 20-30 Business Days
Ocean Shipping Please contact us

All tracking numbers via DHL can be tracked on https://www.dhl.com/global-en/home.html
All tracking numbers via YunExpress can be tracked on https://www.yuntrack.com/
or https://www.17track.net/en or https://www.aftership.com/couriers/yunexpress

7. There're so many shipping methods. Which one is the best for me?

The following is for your reference:
1) Use DHL/UPS/EMS/USPS for USA and Canada, Western Europe and Australia, and for some Asian countries including Japan and Singapore.

2) Use DHL for South America, the Middle East including Qatar, Israel, and some East European countries.

3) EMS for most Asian countries including Indonesia and Japan.

8. Do I need to pay an additional bank fee if I pay by T/T (Bank transfer)?

Huwder.com would not charge you any fee for bank transfers. But banks would charge bank-to-bank transfer fees.
Say you are paying for an order of $600. The bank will charge $50 for transferring, so it's altogether $650 you will submit. If you submit only $600, then the payment we receive will be only $550. In that case, we would not be able to send your full order.

As far as we know, if you do overseas bank transfers, there are three types of handling costs involved:
1) Your local bank fee;
2) Oversea bank fee (If the money is not transferred from your bank to our bank directly, the customer should be responsible for this inter-bank transfer fee.);
3) Our local bank fee ($60 HKD: if your payment exceeds $800 USD, we can cover this fee for you, otherwise you need to add this fee to us.).

9. Why haven't I received the order confirmation email/shipping notification message from huwder.com?

The email will be sent to your email address which you write at placing the order, please check the email address correctly before you place an order, avoiding you missing the notification message.
If you placed an order with a registered account and still didn’t receive our emails, please check your email trash box and spam folder. If still nothing, please contact our sales related to your order.

10. Why is my order partially shipped?

When some of the items in your order are currently out of stock, we firstly ship the items already in stock to avoid your waiting there. Of course, we usually notify you when this happens.

11. What can I do with defective items?

We need pictures or videos to confirm if they are truly defective. After confirmation, you can get a refund, or ask for sending them again or combining them with the next new order. As compensation, we may give a discount on your next order.

12. Can I customize items, such as print our own logo, or alter the design?

Yes, for most products on huwder.com. Please contact us or your sales representative to check the details.

13. I’m interested in certain products but they are not listed on huwder.com. Since you are a professional supplier, can you source them for me?

We would love to. Show us the product images as well as the description. It may take some time.

14. Can I get a sample for FREE? I will buy more if it's of good quality.

Sorry, but we don’t offer free samples. You have to pay for them. It's easy on huwder.com as we don't require any minimum order.

15. I have put an order with huwder.com. Any discount for me?

Buy more and save more, it is the basic rule on huwder.com. About the discount for the bulk order, please contact us before payment.

16. Can your price be lower?

As an original power adapter manufacturer(factory), the price is generally lowered with the increase of quantity. So yes, the price can be lower but we need to know your order quantity or purchase plan first.

17. Why the logo and print are different from the pictures?

We are factory direct sale, the print will be improved for customers to easily use. HUNDA and HUWDER are both our own logos.

18. Customer Service

Need more help? Here is how to get in touch. (
contact us)