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  • 10.5V 2.9A 30W Charger for Laptop Sony
  • 10.5V 2.9A 30W Charger for Laptop Sony

10.5V 2.9A 30W Charger for Laptop Sony

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  • DC Connector:
    4-pin for Sony
    4-pin for Sony
  • AC Plug:
  • Description

10.5V 2.9A 4 pin Adapter Compatible for


Laptop Model

  • Sony: sgpac10v1, sgpac10v2

  • sgpt111ae, sgpt111ae/s, sgpt111ar/s, sgpt111ars, sgpt111ats, sgpt111au, sgpt111au/s, sgpt111be/s, sgpt111bes, sgpt111ca/s, sgpt111cas, sgpt111ch/s, sgpt111chs, sgpt111cl/s, sgpt111cls, sgpt111cn/s, sgpt111cns, sgpt111co/s, sgpt111cos, sgpt111de/s, sgpt111des, sgpt111ess, sgpt111fr/s, sgpt111frs, sgpt111gbs, sgpt111hk, sgpt111id, sgpt111id/s, sgpt111in, sgpt111it/s, sgpt111its, sgpt111mx/s, sgpt111mxs, sgpt111my, sgpt111my/s, sgpt111nls, sgpt111nos, sgpt111nz, sgpt111pa/s, sgpt111pas, sgpt111pls, sgpt111pt/s, sgpt111pts, sgpt111 preorder, sgpt111ru/s, sgpt111rus, sgpt111sa, sgpt111sa/s, sgpt111se/s, sgpt111ses, sgpt111sg, sgpt111th, sgpt111th/s, sgpt111tr/s, sgpt111trs, sgpt111tw, sgpt111us/s, sgpt111uss

  • sgpt112ae, sgpt112ae/s, sgpt112ar/s, sgpt112ars, sgpt112ats, sgpt112au, sgpt112au/s, sgpt112be/s, sgpt112bes, sgpt112br/s, sgpt112brs, sgpt112ca/s, sgpt112cas, sgpt112ch/s, sgpt112chs, sgpt112cl/s, sgpt112cls, sgpt112cn/s, sgpt112co/s, sgpt112cos, sgpt112de/s, sgpt112des, sgpt112ess, sgpt112fr/s, sgpt112frs, sgpt112gbs, sgpt112hk, sgpt112id, sgpt112id/s, sgpt112in, sgpt112it/s, sgpt112its, sgpt112mx/s, sgpt112mxs, sgpt112my, sgpt112my/s, sgpt112nls, sgpt112nos, sgpt112nz, sgpt112pa/s, sgpt112pas, sgpt112pls, sgpt112pt/s, sgpt112pts, sgpt112 preorder, sgpt112ru/s, sgpt112rus, sgpt112sa, sgpt112sa/s, sgpt112se/s, sgpt112ses, sgpt112sg, sgpt112th, sgpt112th/s, sgpt112tr/s, sgpt112trs, sgpt112tw, sgpt112us/s, sgpt112uss

  • sgpt113ats, sgpt113au, sgpt113au/s, sgpt113be/s, sgpt113bes, sgpt113ch/s, sgpt113chs, sgpt113cn/s, sgpt113cns, sgpt113hk, sgpt113in, sgpt113nls, sgpt113nos, sgpt113nz, sgpt113pls, sgpt113pts, sgpt113se/s, sgpt113ses, sgpt113sg, sgpt113trs, sgpt113tw, sgpt113us/s,

  • sgpt114de/s, sgpt114des, sgpt114ess, sgpt114frs, sgpt114gbs, sgpt114its, sgpt114ru/s, sgpt114rus,

  • Tablet s series: xperia tablet s sgpt111, xperia tablet s sgpt112, xperia tablet s sgpt113, xperia tablet s sgpt114

10.5V 2.9A 4.8*1.7mm Adapter Compatible for


Laptop Model

  • Vaio Vgn-p530, Vaio Vgn-p530/r, Vaio Vgn-p530g/q, Vaio Vgn-p530h, Vaio Vgn-p530h/g, Vaio Vgn-p530h/w, Vaio Vgn-p530n, Vaio Vgn-p530n/q

  • Vaio Vgn-p588, Vaio Vgn-p588e, Vaio Vgn-p588e/q, Vaio Vgn-p588e/r, Vaio Vgn-p598, Vaio Vgn-p598e, Vaio Vgn-p598e/q

  • Vaio Vgn-p610, Vaio Vgn-p610/g, Vaio Vgn-p610/n, Vaio Vgn-p610/q, Vaio Vgn-p610/r, Vaio Vgn-p610/w

  • Vaio Vgn-p688, Vaio Vgn-p688e, Vaio Vgn-p688e/g, Vaio Vgn-p688e/n, Vaio Vgn-p688e/q, Vaio Vgn-p688e/r, Vaio Vgn-p688e/w

  • Vaio Vgn-p698, Vaio Vgn-p698/r, Vaio Vgn-p698e, Vaio Vgn-p698e/q

  • Vaio Vgn-p699, Vaio Vgn-p699e, Vaio Vgn-p699e/q, Vaio Vgn-p699e/r

  • Vaio Vgn-p720, Vaio Vgn-p720k, Vaio Vgn-p720k/q, Vaio Vgn-p720k/r,

  • Vaio Vgn-p788, Vaio Vgn-p788k, Vaio Vgn-p788k/g, Vaio Vgn-p788k/n, Vaio Vgn-p788k/p, Vaio Vgn-p788k/q, Vaio Vgn-p788k/r, Vaio Vgn-p788k/w

  • Vaio Vgn-p798, Vaio Vgn-p798k, Vaio Vgn-p798k/q

  • Vaio Vgn-p799, Vaio Vgn-p799l, Vaio Vgn-p799l/q

  • Vaio Vpc-x series, Vaio Vpc-x11s1e/b, Vaio Vpc-x11z1e/x

  • Vaio Vpcx-11s1e/b, Vaio Vpcx-11z1e/x

  • vaio x series lifestyle pc
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