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  • 19.5V 4.62A 90W Charger for Laptop HP
  • 19.5V 4.62A 90W Charger for Laptop HP
  • 19.5V 4.62A 90W Charger for Laptop HP
  • 19.5V 4.62A 90W Charger for Laptop HP
  • 19.5V 4.62A 90W Charger for Laptop HP
  • 19.5V 4.62A 90W Charger for Laptop HP
  • 19.5V 4.62A 90W Charger for Laptop HP
  • 19.5V 4.62A 90W Charger for Laptop HP

19.5V 4.62A 90W Charger for Laptop HP

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  • DC Connector:
    4.5*3.0mm blue
    4.5*3.0mm blue
  • Power Connector:
    2-prong socket
    3-prong socket
  • AC Plug:
  • Description

Compatible for


Laptop Model

  • HP Pavilion 14-E Series: HP Pavilion 14-e021TX, 14-e022TX, 14-e023TX, 14-e024TX, 14-e025TX, 14-e026TX, 14-e027TX, 14-e028TX

  • HP Pavilion 15-E Series: 15-E005SF, 15-E010SF, 15-E020EF, 15-E024SF, 15-E025SF, 15-E026SF, 15-E031EF, 15-E032SF, 15-E033SF, 15-E034SF, 15-E035EF, 15-E036SF, 15-E041SF, 15-E042SF, 15-E043SF, 15-E044SF, 15-E045SF, 15-E046SF, 15-E048SF, 15-E049SF, 15-E050SF, 15-E051SF, 15-E052EF, 15-E052SF, 15-E053SF, 15-E056SF, 15-E057SF, 15-E058SF, 15-E073SF

  • HP Pavilion 15-N Series: 15-N021SF, 15-N029SF, 15-N031SF, 15-N032SF, 15-N034SF, 15-N035SF, 15-N036SF, 15-N037SF, 15-N038SF, 15-N039SF, 15-N041SF, 15-N042EF, 15-N043SF, 15-N045SF, 15-N046SF, 15-N047SF, 15-N048EF, 15-N054SF, 15-N056SF, 15-N059SF, 15-N061EF, 15-N072SF, 15-N080SF, 15-N081SF, 15-N084SF, 15-N088EF, 15-N090SF, 15-N200SF, 15-N202SF, 15-N205SF, 15-N207SF, 15-N209SF, 15-N210SF, 15-N211SF, 15-N212SF, 15-N215SF, 15-N216SF, 15-N219SF, 15-N221EF, 15-N226SF, 15-N227SF, 15-N233SF, 15-N236SF, 15-N237SF

  • HP Pavilion TouchSmart 15T Series: HP Pavilion TouchSmart 15T-N100, 15T-N200, 15Z-N100

  • HP Pavilion 17-E Series: 17-E004SF, 17-E015SF, 17-E018SF, 17-E019DX, 17-E019SF, 17-E020SF, 17-E021SF, 17-E023SF, 17-E024SF, 17-E025SF, 17-E026SF, 17-E027SF, 17-E028SF, 17-E031SF, 17-E040SF, 17-E041SF, 17-E042EF, 17-E042SF, 17-E043SF, 17-E044SF, 17-E045SF, 17-E046SF, 17-E047SF, 17-E048SF, 17-E049EF, 17-E049SF, 17-E050SF, 17-E051EF, 17-E051SF, 17-E052SF, 17-E056SF, 17-E060SF, 17-E061SF, 17-E063SF, 17-E064SF, 17-E066SF, 17-E067EF, 17-E067SF, 17-E068SF, 17-E070SF, 17-E071SF, 17-E073SF, 17-E074SF, 17-E076SF, 17-E077SF, 17-E079SF, 17-E080SF, 17-E082SF, 17-E083SF, 17-E084SF, 17-E086SF, 17-E087SF, 17-E089SF, 17-E090SF, 17-E095SF, 17-E100SF, 17-E102SF, 17-E103SF, 17-E105SF, 17-E108SF, 17-E109SF, 17-E110SF, 17-E113SF, 17-E114SF, 17-E116SF, 17-E118SF, 17-E121SF, 17-E124SF, 17-E126SF, 17-E127SF

  • Envy 15T-J000 17-J000 17T-J000 M7-J010DX Series:
    HP Envy Quad 15T-J000
    HP Envy Quad 17T-J000
    HP Envy Select 15T-J000
    HP Envy Select 17T-J000
    HP Envy TouchSmart 15-J050US, 15-J053CL, 15-J053XX, 15-J073CA, 17-J023CL, 17-J030US, 17-J037CL, M7-J010DX
    HP Envy 17-j000, 17-j005eo
    HP Envy 17-j008eo, 17-j011nr, 17-j011sp, 17-j029nr, 17-j041nr, 17-j013cl, 17-j023cl, 17-j027cl, 17-j021nr, 17-j010us, 17-j020us, 17-j029nr, 17-j030us, 17-j034ca, 17-j040us, 17-j040nr, 17-j043cl, 17-j050us, 17-j051ei, 17-j060us, 17-j070ca, 17-j070ez, 17-j070ca, 17-j073ca, 17-j082eg, 17-j092nr, 17t-j000
    HP Envy TouchSmart 17-j000, 17-j010dx, 17-j078ca, 17-j023cl, 17-j030us, 17-j043cl
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