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  • 19v 4.74a 90w Laptop Charger For Asus
  • 19v 4.74a 90w Laptop Charger For Asus
  • 19v 4.74a 90w Laptop Charger For Asus
  • 19v 4.74a 90w Laptop Charger For Asus
  • 19v 4.74a 90w Laptop Charger For Asus
  • 19v 4.74a 90w Laptop Charger For Asus
  • 19v 4.74a 90w Laptop Charger For Asus
  • 19v 4.74a 90w Laptop Charger For Asus

19v 4.74a 90w Laptop Charger For Asus

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  • DC Connector:
  • Power Connector:
    2-prong sockets
    2-prong sockets
    3-prong socket
    3-prong socket
  • AC Plug:
  • Description


  • This is a 19V 4.74A 90W Power supply for Asus laptops, produced by our own power adapter factory.

  • The charger has two kinds of DC connectors 5.5*2.5mm and 4.0*1.35mm to match different models. Please confirm the DC connector type of your device and select the correct one when placing orders.

  • This 19V 4.74A charger is with an AC 100V--240V wide-range input voltage, It means the charger is able to fit the rated voltages of any countries. wherever you are, it always can work well in your local.

  • You can see there are two kinds of shell box for this charger. one is 2 prongs and the other is 3 prongs. The 3 prongs is one more ground wire than the 2 prongs shell box. If your device is with a metal shell and Static electricity during use, the 3 prongs shell boxes charger will deal with the problem for you.

  • The 19V 4.74A laptop charger is with a 120cm AC cord. IS the 120cm AC cord short? The 150cm, 180cm, and 200cm AC cord is possible, just contact us to prefer to.

  • As a high-quality laptop charger, this product is with protections of over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, and short circuits.

  • Most material of the charger is ABS + fire-proof AC which is difficult to be ignited.


  • This 19V 4.74A laptop charger is with 12 months quality warranty offered by our factory directly. please notice that the man-mand damage is not covered by our warranty policy.

  • This laptop charger is not with water-proof function, Do not use it in humid environments

  • The product is with a universal retail package. For bulk buyers and wholesalers who have particular requirements of the retail package, please contact us directly online, leave a message, or send an email

The charger with 5.5*2.5mm DC connector is compatible with the following devices.


Please use the "CTRL + F" to find your model.

  • Asus X502CA X550C X550CA X550Z X550ZA X551C X551CA

  • 1005px A40 A42F A43 A45 A450C A52 A52F A53 A53E A53S A53SD A53T a53u A54 A54C A55 A55A A55V A55VD A73 A73E A73S
  • B33E B43J B53 B53J D550CA D550M D550MAV F3S F50S F555LA F55U F75A F75V F75VD G1 G2P HX750JA

  • K40 K40IN K42F K42J K43 K43SD K43SJ K43TK K45 K45A K45DR K45V K45VD K45VM K50 K501LX K501UW K501UX K50AB K50I K50ij K52 K52F K52FRF K52J K52JB K52JC K52JR K52JT K53 K53E K53S K53SC K53SD K53SM K53SV K53TA K53TK K53U K53Z K54 K55 K550LA k55a K55DR K55N K55V K55VD K55VJ K55VM K601J K60I K60IJ K61 K61IC K72 K72F K72JR K73 K73E K73S K73SV K75 K75DE K75VJ K84L K95VM M50 M50S M70

  • N10E N10J N10JH N43 N43SL N43SM N45 N46VJ N46VM N46VZ N50 N51 N52 N53 N53J N53JF N53JQ n53s N53SM N53SN N53SV N55 N550JV n55s N55SF N55SL N56 N56D N56DP N56V N56VJ N56VM N56VZ N61 N61J N61JQ N61JV N61VG N71J N73 N73J N73JQ N73S N73SV N75 N75SF N76

  • N76V N76VJ N76VM N76VZ N81 N81V N81VP N82 N82JQ P42JC P43E P43SJ P45VA P45VJ P52Jc P53E P53SJ P82Jr

  • Q301 Q301L Q301LA Q400A Q500A Q501 Q501LA Q502LA Q550 Q550L Q550LF Q551LN

  • R500A R500N R500VD R500VJ R500VM R503C R503U R510C R510CA R510D R510DP R510L R554LA r5561 R700VJ S300 S300CA

  • S400 s400c S400CA S46CA S500 S500CA S550 S550CA S550CM S56CA TP500 TP500L TP500LA TP550LA

  • U20 U24A U3 U30J U30JC U31 U31JG U31S U31SD U31SG U32 U32VJ U32VM U33JC U35F U35JC U36 U36JC U36S U36SD U36SG U41JF U43 U43F U43FRF U43JC U44SG U45JC U46 U46E U46S U46SM U46SV U47 U47A U47VC U50F U52 U52F U53F U53JC U56 U56E U57 U57A U6S UL20 UL20FT UL30 UL30A UL30JT UL30V UL30VT UL50 UL50A UL50AG UL50V UL50VT UL80 UL80V UL80VT V2 VX2

  • x101ch X401 X401A X401U X402C X44 X44H X44L X45 X450 X450C X450CA X452P X45A X501 X501A X52F X53 X53E X53S X53U X54 X54C X54H X54HR X54L X55 X550 X550L X550LA X550V X551 X551M X551MA X551MAV X555DA X555LA X55A X55C X55VD X73E X75 X750J X751LAV X751MA X75A X75VD X83V X83VB Z54C

  • Toshiba
    1110 1130 1900 1950 2430 A105 A135 A205 A215 A305 A50 A505 A665 A665-S5170 C40 C50 C50D C55 C55-A5100 C55-A5204 C55-A5245 C55-A5281 C55-A5285 C55-A5302 C55-A5308 C55-A5309 C55-A5310 C55-A5311 C55-A5384 C55-A5386 C55D C55D-A5107 C55D-A5108 C55D-C5106 C55DT C55DT-A5106 C55DT-A5305 C55DT-A5306 C55T C55T-A5218 C55t-A5222 C55T-A5287 C55T-A5314 C645 C650 C650D C655 C655D C660 C675 C675D C70 C70D C75 C75D C75D-A7102 C75D-A7310 C75D-A7370 C75D-B7100 C75D-B7304 C850 C850D C855 C855D C855D-S5110 C855D-S5116 C855D-S5201 C855D-S5307 C855-S5107 C855-S5108 C855-S5111 C855-S5123 C855-S5194 C855-S5206 C855-S5214 C855-S5231 C855-S5306 C855-S5308 C855-S5347 C855-S5350 C855-S5355 C875 C875D C875D-S7101 C875D-S7105 C875-S7103 C875-S7303 C875-S7304 CL15 CL15T CL45 E105 E45 E45DW E45T E45W E55 E55D E55DT E55T L15W L305 L305D L45 L450 L455 L455D L455D-S5976 L45T L50 L500D-16M L505 L505-144 L505D L50D L55 L550-113 L550-17V L555-10R L555-11K L55-A5278 L55D L55D-B5320 L55D-B5364 L55D-C5318 L55W L635 L645 L645D L650 L655 L655D L655-S5150 L670 L670D L675 L675D L730 L735 L735D L740 L745 L745D L75 L750 L750D L755 L755D L75D L775 L855 L855D-S5117 L855D-S5220 L855-S5112 L855-S5113 L855-S5119 L855-S5309 L855-S5368 L855-S5372 L855-S5375 L855-S5405 L875 L875D L875D-S7232 L875D-S7332 L875D-S7343 L875-S7108 L875-S7110 L875-S7308 L955 L955D M11 M50 M60 M65 M70 NB205 NB505 P200 P200D-128 P25W P300-156 P300-160 P300-161 P300-18M P300-19P P50 P50T P55 P55T P55W P740 P740D P745 P745D P750 P750D P755 P755D P75-A7100 P75-A7200 P770 P770D P775 P775D P840 P840T P845 P845-S4200 P845T P850 P855 P855-S5102 P855-S5200 P855-S5312 P870 P875 P875 R700 P875-S7102 P875-S7200 P875-S7310

  • Portege
    R30 R705 R830 R835 R840 R845 R845-S95 R850 R930 R935 R940 R950 S50 S55 S55-A5295 S55-B5155 S55-B5157 S55DT-A5130 S55T S55t-A5237 S55T-B5273NR S55T-B5335 S70 S75 S75-A7221 S75-A7270 S850 S855 S855D S855D-S5120 S855D-S5148 S855-S5165 S855-S5254 S855-S5369 S855-S5378 S855-S5381 S870 S875 S875D S875-S7370 S955 S955D T110 T115 T115D T130 T135 T135D T210D T215D T230 T235 T235D U800 U840 U845 U845T U845W U940 U945 W100 W105 Z30 Z40 Z50 Z830 Z835 Z930 Z935

  • Lenovo
    G360 g450 g455 g460 g460e g465 g465c g470 g470e g475 g480 g485 g560 g560e g565 g570 g575 g580 g585 g700 V360 v370 v460 v470c v560 v570 B460 b465 b470 b470e b475 b570e b575 b575e e47l

  • S300 S400 S405 S500 Y330 y400 y410p y430 y450 y460 y460p y470 y470p y471p y480 y485p y570 y650 y550a y560 y510p y530 y710 y730 Z360 z370 z460 z470 z475 z480 z510 z560 z565 z570 z575 z585 U110 u150 u160 u260 u300e u310 u330p u400 u430 u450a u510 u550

The charger with 4.0*1.35mm DC connector is compatible with the following devices.

  • Asus Zenbook Prime UX32V
    Asus Zenbook Prime UX32VD
    Asus Zenbook Prime UX32VD-BHI5N57
    Asus Zenbook Prime UX32VD-BHI7N55
    Asus Zenbook Prime UX32VD-DB51
    Asus Zenbook Prime UX32VD-DB71
    Asus Zenbook Prime UX32VD-DB72
    Asus Zenbook Prime UX32VD-DH71
    Asus Zenbook Prime UX32VD-DH71-CB
    Asus Zenbook Prime UX32VD-DH71-NB
    Asus Zenbook Prime UX32VD-R3001H
    Asus Zenbook Prime UX32VD-R3001V
    Asus Zenbook Prime UX32VD-R3001X
    Asus Zenbook Prime UX32VD-R3003V
    Asus Zenbook Prime UX32VD-R3014H
    Asus Zenbook Prime UX32VD-R4002H
    Asus Zenbook Prime UX32VD-R4002P
    Asus Zenbook Prime UX32VD-R4002V
    Asus Zenbook Prime UX32VD-R4002X
    Asus Zenbook Prime UX32VD-R4003V
    Asus Zenbook Prime UX32VD-R4010P
    Asus Zenbook Prime UX32VD-R4013V
    Asus Zenbook Prime UX32VD-R4030P
    Asus 884840046516
    Asus 90-XB3NN0PW00010Y
    Asus 90-XB3NN0PW00040Y
    Asus ADP-65AW A
    Asus ADP-65JH BB
    Asus ADP-65JH CB
    Asus ADP-65JH DB
    Asus N65W-02
    Asus PA-1650-66
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