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  • 3 Ports  65W GaN Charger  2C+1A  -- HUWDER
  • 3 Ports  65W GaN Charger  2C+1A  -- HUWDER
  • 3 Ports  65W GaN Charger  2C+1A  -- HUWDER
  • 3 Ports  65W GaN Charger  2C+1A  -- HUWDER
  • 3 Ports  65W GaN Charger  2C+1A  -- HUWDER
  • 3 Ports  65W GaN Charger  2C+1A  -- HUWDER
  • 3 Ports  65W GaN Charger  2C+1A  -- HUWDER
  • 3 Ports  65W GaN Charger  2C+1A  -- HUWDER
  • 3 Ports  65W GaN Charger  2C+1A  -- HUWDER
  • 3 Ports  65W GaN Charger  2C+1A  -- HUWDER

3 Ports 65W GaN Charger 2C+1A -- HUWDER

Compact size, efficient conversion rate, and multiple quick charge functions. Supporting the fast charging of iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Samsung Galaxy, Note,  Xiaomi, etc.
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65W GaN Charger with Navitas GaN chipset

Powered by GaN Chips

This USB C 3 ports 65W PD charger is powered by Navitas GaN(Gallium Nitride) chips which is a third-generation high-performance semiconductive material.

Highly recommended product by Navitas Semiconductor Ltd.

slim and small multiple ports 65W PD  GaN USB wall charger

Powerful and 50% Smaller

Compared with common SiC USB chargers, The size of the 65W GaN charger is 50% smaller. It is more convenient to carry home.

65W power makes it is high enough to charge your laptop, tablets, cell phones, etc, device.

Universal Quick-charge 65W GaN Charger

Universal Quick-charge 65W GaN Charger

This 3 ports 65W PD GaN wall charger is compatible with the input voltage AC 100-240V. It can work well in any country.

Because our 65W GaN charger is with multiple fast-charging agreements. It can support most products with a fast-charging function in the market.

supporting fast charge your old and new models. such as iPhone 6/7/11/12/12 Pro, iPad 2/3/4.../, Samsung S3/4.../21/, Pixels 2/3/4/5.

3 ports dual USB-C 65W PD GaN Wall Charger

Intelligent 3 USB Ports

The 65W GaN charger is with dual USB C ports and one USB-A port.

The 1st USB-C port: output 45W--65W.
The 2nd USB-C port: output 12W--65W.
The USB-A: output 12W--22.5W.

Though this GaN charger can support 3 devices working simultaneously, please choose the right port for your different devices.

Certification and Warranty

Certification and Warranty

The multi-ports 65W GaN wall charger is with the certificates of CB CE, FCC, and RoHS. It is a high-quality USB wall charger that can be sold on any business platform legally.

The manufacturer HUWDER provides 12 months quality warranty for this product.


A2001 65W GaN Charger Power Distribution


Product Parameter

Model A2001
Color Black
Plug US EU UK AU (2 Pin)
Port 2 USB-C& 1 USB-A
Input AC 100-240V
Output USB-C: DC 5V/9V/12V/15V===3A,20V===3A
USB-A:3.6V-6V===3A, 6V--9V==2A, 9V--12V==1.5A
Protection OTP OCP OVP SCP
Certificate CE FCC RoHS
Shell Material Fireproof PC
Working life ≥ 5000h
Working Humidity 35~70% RH Non-Condensing
Storage Humidity 5~45% RH Non-Condensing
Working Temperature -5℃~40℃
Storage Temperature -25℃~70℃
Weight Gross Weight: 250g(US), Net Weight: 210g(US).
Dimension Product: 124x84x58(mm)(US),
Retail Package YES
Package List 65w 2C 1A 3 Ports USB GaN wall charger
Manufacture HUWDER
Place of Origin Shenzhen of China


Q: It is a good product, but the price is a bit expensive.
A: Yes, It looks like be. Let's consider the prices from a different point. If you choose this 65W GaN charger, you can use it to fast charge all your USB devices, your cell phone, tablets, laptops, no matter it is Android or IOS, Apple or Samsung. It is a good deal, isn't it?

Q: What are the most important points of this PD 65W GaN charger?
A: Small volume, fast charging, and High-conversion rate. It is a green and high-tech USB wall charger.

Q: What will happen when I use this 65W GaN charger to charge my 96W MacBook Pro?
A: It will still work, but take a longer time to charge your MacBook full. For devices over 65W power, the 4 port USB-C 150W PD USB charging station will be a better choice.

  • Cable+A2001
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