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  • 19V 2.15A 40W AC Adapter Replacement For Acer Aspire One,  Huwder
  • 19V 2.15A 40W AC Adapter Replacement For Acer Aspire One,  Huwder

19V 2.15A 40W AC Adapter Replacement For Acer Aspire One, Huwder

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  • DC Connector:
  • Power Connector:
    2-prong sockets
    2-prong sockets
    3-prong socket
    3-prong socket
  • AC Plug:
  • Description


  • This 40W AC adapter is a laptop charger for the Acer Aspire One series. DC connector is 5.5*1.7mm. It is not only compatible with Aspire one series but also other devices.

  • AC 100--240V wide-range input voltage makes the charger is a worldwide power adapter matching the rated voltage of all countries.

  • DC 19V 2.15A 40W output and 5.5*1.7mm DC connector make this Acer Aspire One charger to match many models of laptops.

  • The price of this laptop charger includes a matching AC cord, Copper clad Aluminum Material, 2*0.75mm2(2 prongs box), or 3*0.75mm2(3 prongs box). The AC cord is good enough to match this laptop charger.

  • For a 40W Acer laptop charger, the 2 prongs shell box is good and safe enough, but If you feel static on your computer, the 3 prongs one is a better choice.

  • This 40W laptop charger for Acer Aspire One series is with protections of over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, and short-circuit.


  • Our power adapter factory is responsible for the quality of the Acer Aspire charger for 12 months.

  • Man-made damage is not covered by our warranty policies.

  • For bulk buyer, please contact us directly to get further infoes.

The 40W laptop charger for Acer Aspire One is also compatible with the following models.

  • Aspire One D260 Series:
    D260-13042, D260-13853, D260-1392, D260-2028, D260-2203, D260-2207, D260-2344, D260-2365, D260-23797, D260-2380, D260-2382, D260-2440, D260-2455, D260-2571, D260-2576, D260-2680, D260-2919, D260-2BQGSS, D260-2BQKK, D260-2BQPU, D260-2BQSS, D260-2Bss, D260-2DK, D260-2dkk, D260-2Dpu, D260-2DQPU, D260-2DQSS, D260-2DQUU, D260-DB, D260-N51B-K, D260-N51B-KF, D260-N51B-P, D260-N51B-S, D260-N51BSF, D260-nav70

  • Aspire One A150 Series:
    A150-1006, A150-1049, A150-1126, A150-1249, A150-1382, A150-1447 A150-1493, A150-1532, A150-1570, A150-1672, A150-1890, A150-1983, A150-Ab A,150-Ac A150-Aw A150-Bb, A150-Bb1, A150-Bc, A150-BGb, A150-BGc, A150-BGw, A150-Bk, A150-Bk1, A150-Bw, A150-Bw1, A150L blau, A150L weiss, A150X blau, A150X weiss < /li>

  • Aspire One D150 Series:
    D150-1044, D150-1125, D150-1165, D150-1197, D150-1322, D150-1462, D150-1577, D150-1587, D150-1606, D150-1647, D150-1860, D150-1920, D150-1B, D150-1Bk, D150-1Br.
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